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Trace Tyler is a fun, engaging attorney who can help make painful processes a little easier. Specializing in will, trusts, and estate law in the Denver area.
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Proudly serving clients in Denver and the Vail Valley

Welcome!  My practice is focused on providing you with personalized counsel and education needed when creating an estate plan.  My passion is to exceed your expectations and actually have fun as I simplify the process and ensure your desires are clearly defined and met.  I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your specific needs…I am just a phone call away!


For over twenty years, I have been helping people with their estate planning needs.  I pride myself on educating my clients and customizing their estate planning documents to ensure their desires and goals are met.  My approach with clients is to develop a full comprehensive plan and includes a will, trust, powers of attorney property and healthcare and living will.  I will present your plan, explaining all documents and how they work together to meet your specific situation.   Additionally, I love meeting each of my clients and will come to you (love house-calls).  I find that working in person in the comfort of your home or office is usually more enjoyable and reduces costs for you.

My family and I moved to CO about 20 years ago.  I have offices in the Denver Area as well as in Vail Valley.


No matter who you are…you have an estate.  An estate consists of everything you own – cars, home, property, personal belongings and any financial interests.  No estate is too small to require a plan.  The old adage “you cannot take it with you” is very true and a sound estate plan will guarantee that your desires for all your assets are met.  Additionally, I recommend that everyone has an estate plan as it will save your family, friends time, money and reduce potential emotional stress when executing your plan.  My goal is to make sure your assets are distributed as you see fit and that little or no money is spent on lawyers, courts or excessive taxes.


Simply put…a Power of Attorney is a legal document we will create which clearly identifies the individual that will act on your behalf.  Additionally, this document will detail the specific powers that this person has when executing your plan.  Most of my clients allow their Power of Attorney to manage almost everything, but each estate plan I help create is different.  Once I understand your specific needs, I will provide options and recommends based upon what I feel would be best for you and your family so you can make an educated decision.

Another key element of any plan is to incorporate a living will, also known as a advanced healthcare directive.  The primary purpose of a living will is create a specific document that outlines your desires regarding medical treatment if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you are not able to express or provide informed consent.  A common example of this would be your wishes for end-of-life care if you are on life support and the difficult decision needs to be made whether to continue medical support or to remove it.  A living will is essential to easing your family and friends stress and grief if they are found in this difficult situation.


What the heck is Probate?”  It is a good question as many of us have heard the word, but not all know exactly how this fits into a sound estate plan.  The basic definition of probate is the process of passing your assets to your heirs at death.   Once the will is filed with the court, the Personal representative will account for all assets, pay all the bills, and then distribute the remaining assets to your heirs.


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