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Trace Tyler is a fun, engaging attorney who can help make painful processes a little easier. Specializing in will, trusts, and estate law in the Denver area.
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Proudly serving clients in the Vail Valley and Denver area.

Welcome to my site!  I am passionate on providing clients with the quality you expect from a large firm, coupled with the attention to detail and accessibility you can only get from a small firm.  I look forward to meeting and exceeding your needs.


Trace Tyler, JD, LLM

Estate Planning Specialist

Trace has held many different positions as an attorney after he graduated from Northern Illinois College of Law in 1987.  In his 25 years as a lawyer he has been an assistant district attorney, a public defender, a solo attorney, an associate at a large law firm, and now senior partner.  After Trace moved to Denver, and while working full time, he completed his literary legal masters (LLM) in tax at the University of Denver Strum College of Law.  Trace’s specialized knowledge supported by his well rounded legal experience allows him to provide clients with passionate and effective representation when drafting your estate plan.



No matter who you are…you have an estate.  An estate consists of everything you own – cars, home, property, personal belongings and any financial interests.  No estate is too small to require a plan.

Over 50 percent of Americans don’t have an estate plan.  Living without an estate plan subjects you and your family to the unnecessary risks associated with not having advanced medical directives, living wills, and a final disposition of your property.  Contact us today to discuss the importance of having an estate plan and how we can tailor yours to meet your specific needs.


The Will and Last Testament is the document that disposes of your property the way you direct it to.  Any property that you specifically dispose of in a will passes through courts through the Probate process.  Often it is in this context when many clients ask us about Trusts.  Trusts allow you to pass property outside of probate and direct its distribution.


Powers of Attorney are legal documents that clearly identifies the individual that will act on your behalf.  Additionally, this document will detail the specific powers that this person has when executing your plan.  Most of my clients allow their Power of Attorney to manage almost everything, but each estate plan I help create is different.  Once I understand your specific needs, I will provide options and recommends based upon what I feel would be best for you and your family so you can make an educated decision.


A Living will, also known as a advanced healthcare directive, is specific document that outlines your desires regarding medical treatment if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you are not able to express or provide informed consent.  A common example of this would be your wishes for end-of-life care if you are on life support and the difficult decision needs to be made whether to continue medical support or to remove it.  A living will is essential to easing your family and friends stress and grief if they are found in this difficult situation.


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